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Born and raised in Northern California, Brandon was surrounded by art as a young child.  He is the grandson of Kay Kasanda, a former Sausilito art colonist from the late 1950s.  Kay Kasanda for years would help establish the Sausilto art festivals alongside Enid Foster.  Brandon began drawing and painting by the age of nine.  He had a love for painting and even bigger love with comic book illustration.  Comic art was the trigger into something different.


Brandon graduated from Art School with the knowledge of 3D and 2D design. He entered the entertainment industry and never looked back. Through his career, Brandon started as a 3D modeler and veered to his one love that is Concept Art. Putting the two together established the type of art he does today. He maintains a residency in the Bay Area, working on web, mobile, and AAA console titles.

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