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OBJECTIVE:  To turn artistic ideas into reality, inspire fellow incredible artists, and expand my knowledge within the entertainment industry.




Maya ~ Blender~3ds Max 2014~ Photoshop (CS4/CS5/CS6/CC) ~  Adobe Illustrator ~ After Effects ~ Unity 3D ~ Windows ~ Zbrush ~ Shotgun/Perforce/Jira/Git/Hansoft~ Mac OSX




Concept Development-Character/Environment/Prop/Graphic/UI ~ Emphasis in 3D / 2D workflow ~ Tasking/Team management ~ Outsourcing /Asset Tracking/Business Relations ~ Understanding of Game Pipeline Production ~ Multitasking between applications



TikTok(mobile)  12/2021 to Present  

Position: Senior Concept Artist(Photoshop,blender, After Effects)

  • Conceptual AR effect pitching and art asset production

  • Pushing new capabilities with internal engine and setting a high standard for fidelity

  • Created visual demos for Effect House templates

  • Big effort in AI Research and effectiveness in the workplace. How to be ethical and how to increase my own production pipelines

  • Daily cross team communication between design, engineering, and R&D

"CANCELLED IP, MAFIAIII-DLCI,II,III"-Hangar 13 (2K) (PS4/Xbox One/PC)AAA   1/2015 to 12/2021  

Position: Lead Concept Artist(Photoshop,blender,Maya,3dsMax,Zbrush,Proprietary engine)  7/2017- 12/2021 CANCELLED UNRELEASED IP


  • Supervised and help set priorities for my concept team across global studios including Czech Republic and the UK.  

  • Work closely with Art Director in effort to ensure the art direction is harmonious to the game design. 

  • Work with narrative group and make certain the art supports the world story.  

  • Supervised all external concept outsourcing and feedback, working with several partners.

  • Establish style guides in accordance with the art direction for internal and external use.

  • Created environment, character and prop art for internal / external teams as well as a internal incubator project.  

  • Created UI elements, load screens, in game brand art/signage and in-game textures

  • Created tasks in Shotgun/Shotgrid and worked with production to sort priorities from sprint to sprint.

  • Drove the creation of mood boards, reference and tone guides for multiple departments.

Previous Position: Assistant Producer  1/2016-7/2017MAFIAIII-DLCI,II,III


  • Main production support for concept team, as well as weapons and vehicles team.

  • Task and priority managment of concept artists.

  • Assistance in Concept/2D art assets.  This includes environment, character, prop, brands and signage art.

  • Point of Contact for all Art Legal compliance. 

Previous Position: Outsourcing Artist  1/2015-1-2016 MAFIAIII


  • Managed 2D/3D outsource packaging/reviewing accross global studios and external vendors.

  • Art and Production support for various art disciplines.

  • Assistance in Concept/2D art assets.

  • Point of Contact for all Art Legal compliance. 


"Chasing Dead"-2020 Venture games(PS4/WiiU)AAA  4/2014 to 1/2015  

­­Position: Senior Concept Artist(Photoshop,Maya,Unity3D)


  • Character and environment concept development, level design, storyboards for tailers and animation cut scenes, box cover design for PS4 and WIIU, overall topography and graphic design, all marketing material that is needed.


"Burt Destruction"-Runwilder INC./Mobile App  2012-2013

Position:  Senior Game Artist(Maya 2012, Photoshop,Illustrator,Unity3D)


  • I was assigned to create various 3D/2D assets for this platform based game,  including UI work within Unity 3D.  Assets started in Photoshop then moved to Maya for meshes. 

  • It was imperative to maintain a certain art style.

  • I was also responsible for assembling and managing contract work from external sources.


“Battlestar Galactica Online/Universal Monsters Online/Dark Orbit U.S./ Uridium Wars/The Mummy Online”-

BigPoint Inc./Web-Facebook   2010- 2012

Position: 3D Associate Artist(Maya 2011, Photoshop, After Effects,xnormal)



  • Battlestar Galactica Online(3D/Concept Artist)-  I was responsible for redesigning both colonial and cylon faction ships. Specific orthographics were made for modelers. Concept art was also needed for new factions and battlegrounds.  

  • Universal Monsters Online(UI Icon Artist)- I was tasked to paint over 60 ability icons, as well as account avatars.

  • Dark Orbit U.S. / Uridium Wars- (3D/Concept Artist)- Designer for all 3D and 2D environmental assets. I created environmental, character conceptual art, and animation for all three factions while implementing brief particle post production.  I worked with the producer to create the final storyline for the game.  I also worked with marketing team in creating multiple web banners and Facebook ads.

  • The Mummy Online-(UI Icon Artist/Concept Artist)-  Designed UI art for character abilities and consumable potions.  I have done concept art as well for the Open Beta press release.


“The Insulter”-SkyStar Studios/Iphone game application  2010

Position:  3D/2D Artist(Maya 2010, Photoshop)


  • Character texturing

  • Created 2D post production art such as main menu and credits/help tutorial along with conceptual design for development.



Ex’pression College of Digital Arts, Emeryville, CA  2005-2007

Obtained: Bachelor of Applied Science in Animation and Visual Effects


California College of the Arts, Oakland - San Francisco, CA   2004-2005

Obtained: Emphasis in Illustration


Santa Rosa JC  2000-2002

Obtained:  IGETC, General Education    


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